A project straight from the heart

I wanted to create a space where I could play with finding my voice, as I continue to navigate this ever evolving and extremely complex world.

It can be hard to feel centered within yourself, when the voices outside and inside our heads make us feel small. But love is vast, and self love is infinite. 

This site is a place to cultivate self love and to share it. It’s not always easy to give yourself honest appreciation. It can feel wrong, but I believe there is nothing greater in this world than the ability to appreciate the life that runs through this perfectly imperfect human form.

When we can appreciate and love our own self, it becomes much easier to appreciate and love those we see as others. And when we can appreciate others with the same love and appreciation we give to our self, we see that there has never even been an other.

So I invite whoever stumbles across this site, to read some letters of love, from willing hearts. Be inspired and write your own. And if you feel so inclined, I welcome you to share it. 

More to the story

For decades I looked for my voice. Not the one inside my head, that one was loud and rarely gave me any useful insight.

The one I was looking for was the quiet voice, the often ignored voice, the one that lives inside my heart.

People always say ‘Listen to your heart’, but how can you listen to your heart, when you can rarely hear that voice. Or worse, you hear it, but maybe don’t believe it.

I spent most of my life believing that my mind had my best interests at heart and as I write those words I see how it’s almost an oxymoron. Because from my experience my mind and heart don’t even know each other. They exist in completely separate dimensions. 

My mind is self obsessed. It’s both loud and very sensitive. It uses my eyes to look out into the world and tell me all the ways I’ll never measure up. Most of the time my mind makes me feel small and tries to convince me that the drama’s it’s dreaming up are the absolute truth.

My heart on the other hand is quiet. It’s got a type of strength that my mind will never know. It’s subtle and vast and refuses to compete with my mind, which is why it so often is drowned out by it.

I used to think that the voice in my heart was the irrational and emotional one, so I would ignore it. The more I ignored it, the easier it was to let my mind lead the way. I stopped being able to hear the voice in my heart. I could feel it as it tried to tug at my being, but life felt so complicated that adding another voice into the mix, especially one that might be contradictory to my thoughts felt more than I could bear.

I existed like that for years. Being led through the world by ambition and a competitive drive to be something, to be someone. It was never easy. It felt like a constant battle. The harder I tried the more anxious it made me.

But then one day, I found myself standing in the Himalayas, in front of my own heart and everything changed. There was a moment where it felt as though the world stopped spinning and all the love that has ever existed, and will ever exist, was right there surrounding me and embracing me. 
The voice that I had ignored for long, spoke to me so loudly, and the reviberations echoed through my entire existence.

I realized that even though I spent years ignoring it, it had been looking out for me the whole time. Those decisions that I had made that I chalked up to being lucky or coincidence, it was my heart. That is the subtle strength of the heart. In moments of need it finds a way to guide you without using its voice, or without you even realizing it.

Since that day, I’ve tried my best to let my heart lead the way. To listen to it’s infinite wisdom.

It hasn’t been a perfect journey. My mind, terrified that it may be losing its power over me, has thrown some pretty nasty stuff my way in order to convince me of it’s greatness. And often it feels effortless to believe. But eventually I see through its smoke and mirrors and turn my back towards it.

The light of love that shines from my heart guides me back to myself with patience and understanding. What waits for me is joy and delight. From this place I bow my head, place my hands on my heart and give thanks to this precious existence.


Write yourself a love letter and if you feel inclined, please share it with me.

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